And so it begins

Wheeee, look at me.  Posting two days in a row.  This whole careful eating malarkey must be going really well.  Or not.

Hmmmm.  I have used the WW online food tracker and the results are not surprising.  It would appear I live on fat and sugar with three salad leaves thrown in  at the end as a sop towards healthy eating.

A little bit of maths shows that I have eaten 10% more WW points than their plan recommends.  So, what happened?

  • No breakfast.  Breakfast ended up being made and eaten in a ten minute slot between chores and more chores.  I had time to cook and eat properly earlier on in the morning and yet I did not.
  • Eating first and then working out the WW points.  To be fair to myself my plan is to have a few days of, what passes for, normal eating so that I can track how I eat under normal circumstances.  Even so I can see that this might be an issue.
  • Portion sizes.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  Doomed.
  • Booze.  A couple of glasses of wine makes a huge difference to the bottom line (my bottom line!).

Apparently exercise can overset some of the excesses.  I quite fancy the idea of building up some muscle so I have started using the Gorilla app.  I am on day two now.  According to WW I clawed back one whole point.  Time to do some running as well.

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