Haven’t I Written This Post Before?

See those other posts.  That.  Again.

So this time it is definitely the time.  This time things will change.  Perhaps they won’t change quickly.  Perhaps each change will be tiny.  But change.

This time, this time I’m counting on vanity.  The summer is nearly here.  There will be more photos of the family cavorting on the beach.  I would like to not want to cry when I see that I look like a very solid tree trunk.

But what to do?

I shall start tracking what I eat.  I’m going to use the online Weight Watchers because I am still paying for it from previous weight loss attempts.  And then we shall see what we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Haven’t I Written This Post Before?

    • Will I? Lets hope so. I’ve entered my breakfast and my exercise into the tracker. Good grief but I would have to do a lot more exercise before it would make a dent in my bad eating habits.

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