No, seriously, this time. Definitely.

So, well, how did the attempt to lose weight mentioned in the first post go?  Well, let just say that that post was the entirety of the attempt.

This time it is going be different.  No, it is.  Really.  Stop laughing!

To be honest, and after all that’s the point of having this blog, I was going to start today.  Oh yes, this was going to be the start.  Of course I failed to have breakfast and then instead of coming home and having it then I went to the shop and bought a tub of prawn cocktail, a huge bag of crisps, a steak and a pork pie.  So, my first reaction to deciding to start losing weight is to go and buy a basket of junk food.  Much worse than anything I would eat normally.  Interesting.

Tomorrow I will try again.  Things I will try to do differently 1) Have breakfast (something, anything, lets not get too ambitious) and 2) not eat any pork pies.



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